New Look Job Vacancies

Fresh look is the High Street store primarily targeted at females in the 18 to 26 age bracket. It was founded in 1969 when Tom Singh opened his first Facelift store in Weymouth. Subsequently, the company has gone on to establish over 800 stores worldwide (Bahrain, Belgium, Dubai, Egypt, France, Kuwait, Malta, Republic of eire, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, The Netherlands along with the United Arab Emirates.

job vacancies in singapore

The company’s last accounts showed a turnover of about �1.1bn with a profit of �180m and yes it employs 30,000 workers with 17,000 of those being in the UK.

Fresh look trades using the brands of Apricot, Ax Paris, Idol, Little Mistress, Madame Rage, Mela and Pussycat and also the Inspire range of women’s plus-size clothing approximately size 26.

job vacancies in singapore
Based on their website, New Look is targeting a specific type of employee. The corporation philosophy is one of appreciating the immediacy and disposability of fashion and they are looking for staff they like trying new ideas as well as have an enduring positive attitude. In the event it sounds like you, plus you’ve got a good sense of style and fashion, then working for Facelift may be your ideal job.

Managerial and Head offices candidates can apply online but would-be sales assistants moves along to their local Change store and collect a company application form. On-spec CV submissions can be made but for management posts only (not for sales assistant jobs, though).

Job applications might be for any of their stores, because of their Head Office in London or within their 24/7 distribution centres in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The organization also has a strong environmental policy with, what they call, ‘smart meters’ being built in every store. These monitor energy consumption and report their findings to management who are designed to consider where reductions can be created. New Look also reuses its packaging material to be able to reduce waste.

The business operates an ethical trading policy requiring its overseas workers to be paid living wages and possess tolerable working conditions. Its stated objective will be a ‘good neighbour towards the world’.

There is an induction programme in position for new managerial-level staff flying insects them to the brand and the company’s clients and this is followed up by workshops, secondments and e-learning.

All in all New Look is a great company to dedicate yourself especially if you want to progress your employment into the retail sector.


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